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May 3rd, 2008

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Prime selling season is upon us and if you want to get your home sold then you BETTER learn all the tricks that smart home sellers know. I am always amazed at how people go into things without doing the first bit of homework. I mean, it’s common sense that if you want to learn to fly a plane then you do a little RESEARCH first right? You go out and find the best instructor and then you LISTEN….yes LISTEN to what they tell you to do. Pretty brainless huh? Well, if things are so obvious then explain why I hear the same b.s. every month from hundreds of people who call me when their home sales crash and burn with another agent at the controls. I ask them all the same question: “why did your home not sell?” Inevitably, it’s the same lame, take no-responsibility answer-”my agent didn’t do anything”. To which I respond “what did YOU do”…dead silence. This isn’t a market where you can be lazy or make excuses-financial or otherwise. If your agent offers tools or special programs to help put you ahead of the game then USE them. Not just one or two of them. Use ALL of them. Stop being a passenger along for the ride. Be the co-pilot and help bring your sale in for a smooth, profitable landing. Watch this video and take me up on my Spring home selling challenge for you.

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post STILL Using Old School “stuff”?-C’mon!

March 25th, 2008

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You know, I’m often asked how I sell so many homes while other agents are dying on the vine. Most think it’s just the “marketing”. Yeah, there’s power in being an expert marketer but to be really successful selling homes you also have to add a little ingenuity and common sense. Think about this: If you definitively KNEW that using tool “A” vs. tool “B” would give you more than 3 times the chance at selling your home then you would opt for tool “A” every time right? Of course you would-any fool can do THAT math! But how do you KNOW which tool outperforms the other? Simple-you TEST. It never ceases to amaze me how agents just seem to take the lazy “follow the leader right off the cliff” route rather than testing and learning on their own. I guess it’s “simpler” but who the heck wouldn’t want to do everything EXACTLY right-especially when a challenging market really commands it. I guess it’s no wonder why agents are dropping like flies all around me. Watch this video and see an example of not “testing” and what to do about it…

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post REALLY Fired Up About STUPID Pricing!

February 25th, 2008

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O.K. sometimes I really wonder what exactly qualifies someone as an “expert”-especially in home marketing. Too loose of a term, undeserved and too commonly touted by people who couldn’t sell water in the desert. Every day I hear the woes and whining from people who are having a hard time selling their homes and then I look at their pricing and I wonder how they even dress themselves in the morning. Listen-I’m not trying to be harsh but there is something to be said for learning all that you can possibly know about something before diving in and trying it-that goes for selling homes. And SMART pricing is a very basic piece of knowledge that you better grasp REAL quick before you end up being the laughing stock of the neighborhood when your home doesn’t sell because you relied on so-called “expert” advice. O.K. enough with the rant. Just watch the video and you’ll get it. (If you don’t…please don’t call me. Frankly, we’re not a good fit.)

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post Get OUT of the house during showings :-)

January 1st, 2008

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If you want showings to count then the buyer must feel emotionally attached and COMFORTABLE in your home. SO GET OUT! Never ever ever think that you are doing anyone (yourself included) a favor by hanging around to point out “special” features or “answer questions”. If the darn features are so special then they should be able to notice them anyway right? (And if they are not so noticeable then you should STILL get out of the house). Imagine how you would feel when you walked comfortably through 9 houses alone with your agent being able to freely talk and express honest opinions and THEN you show up at house #10 and there’s the “salesman” of a seller waiting for you at the door and breathing down your neck hoping you’ll make an offer. It’s frankly very uncomfortable for the buyer and he’ll do his very best to hustle through your house, lie to you about how he loves it and then run to the car and step on the gas to escape while he can. If you want to sell your home in this market not only do you have to do the right things for your house but you also need to ACT appropriately. So if this kind of blunt kicking you out of your house offends you then so be it. It’s for your own good and I would be remiss if I let you keep hanging around and screwing it up!…….whew! That one’s a hot button for me.

p.s. If you’re thinking “well I won’t breathe down his neck. I’ll just wait downstairs or outside” then still GET OUT! Same effect. Buyer runs away & you lose. You can test me on this but call me to place your bet first-I’ll take your money 100% of the time. It’s like knowing the winning horses before they line ‘em up in the starting gates.

Watch the video as I sneak up on some clients of mine who turn a showing into an opportunity to take the family out to lunch. It CAN be fun if you’ll just let it. My bet is that you’re probably cooped up in that house too much anyway!

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post If your garage looks like THIS you’ll be PARKED in that same old house for a long time!

December 31st, 2007

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Garages are now known to be one of the biggest hot buttons for home buyers. Although it is always a good idea to uncluttered the inside of your house DON’T turn your garage into a dump! Rent a storage bin for $49-$99/mo. and take all items that are not 100% necessary for daily life and store them there. If you have kids you’ll probably need the toys. Just be sure they’re arranged neatly in a small area or better yet stored away in cabinets. NEVER leave toys, bikes, etc. out in the yard or driveway for buyers to see. While you think they are “cute” buyers will not.

Watch this video to see exactly what your garage should NOT look like. The house is VERY nice but the garage-yikes!

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