post If your garage looks like THIS you’ll be PARKED in that same old house for a long time!

December 31st, 2007

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Garages are now known to be one of the biggest hot buttons for home buyers. Although it is always a good idea to uncluttered the inside of your house DON’T turn your garage into a dump! Rent a storage bin for $49-$99/mo. and take all items that are not 100% necessary for daily life and store them there. If you have kids you’ll probably need the toys. Just be sure they’re arranged neatly in a small area or better yet stored away in cabinets. NEVER leave toys, bikes, etc. out in the yard or driveway for buyers to see. While you think they are “cute” buyers will not.

Watch this video to see exactly what your garage should NOT look like. The house is VERY nice but the garage-yikes!

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post Now THIS is what your bathroom should look like when you are selling!

December 22nd, 2007

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Having a fabulous looking master bath is key when selling your home. You don’t necessarily need granite counters but it sure better be clean-TOOTHBRUSH clean! Real estate agents will always use the term “de-clutter” when telling you how to sell your home but do you REALLY understand what it means? Most home sellers don’t. And when home buyers see counters covered in personal effects like toothbrushes, razors and curling irons they immediately eliminate your home and move on to the next-often subconsciously. Yes, there is a “science” to home selling and if you want to sell your home then you better learn how to leave the right cues for buyers that automatically engage their interest and make them feel as if your home is their own. Watch the video below to see a perfect example of a truly sparkling bath and discover how you can prepare your home in a manner so that it WILL sell for the highest price. These home sellers know EXACTLY how to do it…

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post Kill the Neighbor (not really)

December 18th, 2007

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WHAT do you do when your neighbor is a PIG?! Well you can’t REALLY slaughter them but you can call the home owner’s association or the local county officials. You need to get past the fear of making your neighbors angry. Heck , it’s YOU who should be PISSED that they don’t have an ounce of respect for you. Get on ‘em like a hungry dog and insist on some repair and cleanup. Heed these words-You will LOSE MONEY when you try to sell your home if you live down wind from a chicken coop! Buyers will surely know WHY you are selling!

Watch the video below to see how these uncaring neighbors are lowering the value of the home for sale next door.

P.S. Remember I said I was KIDDING. You CANNOT and should not actually kill your neighbor! Maybe just slap him around a little bit. ;-)

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post What to Do About “Doggie Doors” when you sell.

December 13th, 2007

Well I’m sure you know by now EXACTLY what I’m going to tell you-go out and buy a good old fashioned leash. Yep, living in a house and trying to sell a house are two entirely different things. As painful as it may be you’re actually going to put down that TV remote and the potato chips, get off your butt and stand out in the freezing cold rain while Rover lifts his leg on a tree. The cold hard fact is that while some people like you and I (I have two pain in the butt dogs but I wouldn’t trade old Eddie and Clarence) love animals-there are en equal amount of folks who don’t. The last thing you want to do is clue ‘em right in that you have a dog or cat in the house by leaving the doggie door in place. It may be silly but we get clients all the time who will walk around the house scratching and saying “I think there’s fleas” even in the most spotless of homes. Just make home selling into a time to shed a few pounds and get out there walking your loyal old friend again. Watch this video and see how a doggie door can tune a buyer into something they otherwise may not have noticed.

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post When bushes attack and your driveway cracks you need to fight back!

December 8th, 2007

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Selling FSBO is tough enough-especially when you are clueless! I have helped thousands of people in Atlanta sell their homes successfully by approaching their home as if I were a buyer stopping in on my very first visit. I pay close attention to what the neighborhood looks like, how neighboring homes are taken care of and the “gut” feeling I get about the home when I first see it. I am always BLOWN AWAY at the level of pure laziness that I see from sellers who will inevitably proceed to tell me how shocked they are that their home hasn’t sold. I call it laziness because I know that the problems are either OBVIOUS and they are too lazy to address them or they are just plain too ignorant to see them in the first place. I prefer to think that most are just lazy. Write this down as Real Estate 101 if you need to: Buyers WILL NOT drive up your driveway just to get a look past the landscaping! If your shrubs are overgrown then cut them back. It is that simple to fix a failing home sale.

Just look at the video of this ridiculous attempt to sell a home. You can’t even see the house AND the driveway is totally worn out and cracked. Now you may think that $10K is a lot to spend on fixing a driveway but here’s a tip from an expert: When you do ALL the right things your home sale will NET you more almost every time than if you choose the “As-Is” route. Selling begins with emotion and you will NEVER find a buyer who’s heart just happily beats out of his chest over a cracked up old driveway. You WILL get bargain hunters! Like they say, “If you fish with stinking bait you’ll catch bottom feeders”. Besides, when it comes to negotiating a fix buyers always want to use THEIR vendor to do the repairs and you can COUNT on it being more expensive than if you had done it up front yourself. Trust me on this. When you can create a lot of emotional appeal UP FRONT you have HUGE negotiating LEVERAGE and you’ll almost always be able to grab a HIGHER PRICE!

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