post Know EVERYTHING – A Home Selling Challenge!

May 3rd, 2008

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Prime selling season is upon us and if you want to get your home sold then you BETTER learn all the tricks that smart home sellers know. I am always amazed at how people go into things without doing the first bit of homework. I mean, it’s common sense that if you want to learn to fly a plane then you do a little RESEARCH first right? You go out and find the best instructor and then you LISTEN….yes LISTEN to what they tell you to do. Pretty brainless huh? Well, if things are so obvious then explain why I hear the same b.s. every month from hundreds of people who call me when their home sales crash and burn with another agent at the controls. I ask them all the same question: “why did your home not sell?” Inevitably, it’s the same lame, take no-responsibility answer-”my agent didn’t do anything”. To which I respond “what did YOU do”…dead silence. This isn’t a market where you can be lazy or make excuses-financial or otherwise. If your agent offers tools or special programs to help put you ahead of the game then USE them. Not just one or two of them. Use ALL of them. Stop being a passenger along for the ride. Be the co-pilot and help bring your sale in for a smooth, profitable landing. Watch this video and take me up on my Spring home selling challenge for you.

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