post Home Selling 101 – To Re-Carpet or not to Re-Carpet

January 13th, 2008

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O.K. get a pen. Write this down. You’ll never need to ask again. Y-E-S you MUST replace worn carpeting 100% of the time. If you even had to ask the question then you already know the answer. Sellers ask agents this question ALL the time and get mixed answers but only because most real estate agents are too darn scared of telling the seller what they don’t want to hear. But I ASSURE you that the minute that house is not selling the agent is saying to himself “I wish that idiot would change that damn carpet”-yet they STILL won’t have the guts to tell you. Here’s what you need to know when interviewing an agent-If they will not give you every little bit of advice and every tip that has helped even ONE seller to sell their home then you should NOT hire them. Let’s be very real here. If you were sensible enough to be able to buy a house then you certainly are sensible enough to know when it’s time to re-carpet. If you don’t have those kind of marbles between your ears then you’ve got a lot more to worry about then selling a home. I’ve seen $2,000 worth of carpeting net a seller an extra $10,000 or more on a home sale many many many times. Stop asking and just DO it. Watch this video to see how being a REAL cheapskate with a single bedroom can KILL a sale.

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post How fresh Paint and Carpet can make a home sell for MORE MONEY!

January 8th, 2008

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There is nothing like walking in to a home for sale that has been freshly painted and carpeted. I’ve said it to you many times before that if you are thinking about selling and you have ANY thought that your carpeting and paint need to be redone then don’t give it a second thought-just DO it! You may think “well it’s easy for this guy to say that but it’s a lot of work and expense” but I am here to tell you that when you’ve sold thousands of homes like I have you KNOW with absolute certainty that this is the right advice. Congruent and light colors can change the entire look and flow of any house and many times the look cancels the need to do other things. For example, before I visited the home below I saw that it had laminate counters and I thought “there’s a big negative” but when I saw how perfectly spotless this home truly was everything in the kitchen just seemed to work-INCLUDING those counters. This agent should be commended for the fine job of coaching her clients.

Take a look at the video below to see how incredibly appealing a house can look with a little new carpet and fresh paint.

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