post An often overlooked Shower issue and a Simple $5 Fix that can help sell your home

January 12th, 2008

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The master bath is one of the top three areas that a buyer will inspect closely when considering your home. Many times the tiny things that we take for granted when we live in a home can be a deal breaker for the new buyer. You have to keep in mind that living in a home and keeping it ready for sale are two different things and you have to take extra care to address the not so obvious issues. There are very few homes that I have listed personally that my wife or I would even consider showering in without first dousing it with a good coat of bleach. Why? Because most sellers seem to think that it is O.K. to ignore the constant cleaning that a shower commands when their home is on the market. It is USED every day and it should be CLEANED every day! . Honestly, most of the showers I see in homes for sale are just plain of gross. If you knew how many homes I have visited with buyers where the sellers have done MAJOR upgrades ($10-$50K) to get them ready for sale only to have the buyer walk right past the new stainless kitchen and look in the master bath and go “yuck…I just can’t shower in there” then you’d rush right out and get a tube of caulk. The video below was shot in a home that was otherwise PERFECT. They had invested serious time and effort in making this home look and feel new but they missed one small detail and I spotted it in about 2 minutes. Yeah it only made this perfect “10″ drop to about a “9.9″ but really in this market anything that makes your home look less than perfect should be taken care of. Watch the video for a quick tip on how to make your shower look fresh and new.

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post Avoid these TWO DEADLY PITFALLS that can KILL a home sale – even for a GREAT home!

January 7th, 2008

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Having a great home on a wonderful lot is NOT enough to get a home sold today. Because foot traffic is a little slower than in years past many sellers get complacent and frankly just plain lazy about selling their homes. What they don’t realize is that slow foot traffic does not mean that they aren’t getting “lookers”. In fact, today MORE PEOPLE THAN EVER ARE “LOOKING” AT HOMES. They are just looking at them in a different manner. You’d be a fool not to realize that technology has changed our world forever. People no longer see agents as the gatekeepers of information and they just don’t call us first when they want to know more about a house. They simply dial it up on their computer from the privacy of their own home, they look at the pictures and they call us when they want to know more. But imagine what happens when buyers DO drive by your house and cars are parked in the driveway. They drive by quickly hoping to avoid running into an anxious seller who attacks them with questions and insists that they “come have a look”. Bluntly, it scares them to know you’re home. And think about the picture it paints in their minds when they see toys in the driveway or in the yard that aren’t put away neatly-hhhmmmmmm…..”If they didn’t bother to pick up the outside then I can only imagine what the INSIDE must look like.” Look, if you really are serious about selling your home then you need to understand that it’s the silly details that make or break a home sale. Selling a home isn’t brain surgery but it isn’t easy if you’re a slacker either. Get off your butt and pay a little attention to the small things. Check out this video of a home for sale that would actually have a fighting chance of selling if they would just pick up the trike, move that truck (well at least it’s hiding more toys that you can’t see) and put those trash cans out of sight.

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post It’s SMART to Paint Your Kitchen…But NOT PURPLE!

January 2nd, 2008

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Kitchens should always be light bright and cheery-NO EXCEPTIONS! The effect you should be going for when trying to sell your home is to show off a ton of cabinet and counter space and to create a feel of a nice sunny area for the family to start their day. Also if you haven’t peeked your head inside a new home in a while then you may not have noticed that kitchens are BIG. When you are competing with as many new construction homes as we are in today’s market you MUST be fierce competition for them if you are serious about selling. This means that YOUR kitchen better be top notch. Paint is a great place to start but keep in mind that dark colors make rooms appear much smaller while light colors have the opposite effect of making rooms appear much larger. Take a look at the video below to see how this seller has invested in loads of upgrades but really missed the mark with color.

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