post Know EVERYTHING – A Home Selling Challenge!

May 3rd, 2008

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Prime selling season is upon us and if you want to get your home sold then you BETTER learn all the tricks that smart home sellers know. I am always amazed at how people go into things without doing the first bit of homework. I mean, it’s common sense that if you want to learn to fly a plane then you do a little RESEARCH first right? You go out and find the best instructor and then you LISTEN….yes LISTEN to what they tell you to do. Pretty brainless huh? Well, if things are so obvious then explain why I hear the same b.s. every month from hundreds of people who call me when their home sales crash and burn with another agent at the controls. I ask them all the same question: “why did your home not sell?” Inevitably, it’s the same lame, take no-responsibility answer-”my agent didn’t do anything”. To which I respond “what did YOU do”…dead silence. This isn’t a market where you can be lazy or make excuses-financial or otherwise. If your agent offers tools or special programs to help put you ahead of the game then USE them. Not just one or two of them. Use ALL of them. Stop being a passenger along for the ride. Be the co-pilot and help bring your sale in for a smooth, profitable landing. Watch this video and take me up on my Spring home selling challenge for you.

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post REALLY Fired Up About STUPID Pricing!

February 25th, 2008

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O.K. sometimes I really wonder what exactly qualifies someone as an “expert”-especially in home marketing. Too loose of a term, undeserved and too commonly touted by people who couldn’t sell water in the desert. Every day I hear the woes and whining from people who are having a hard time selling their homes and then I look at their pricing and I wonder how they even dress themselves in the morning. Listen-I’m not trying to be harsh but there is something to be said for learning all that you can possibly know about something before diving in and trying it-that goes for selling homes. And SMART pricing is a very basic piece of knowledge that you better grasp REAL quick before you end up being the laughing stock of the neighborhood when your home doesn’t sell because you relied on so-called “expert” advice. O.K. enough with the rant. Just watch the video and you’ll get it. (If you don’t…please don’t call me. Frankly, we’re not a good fit.)

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post Linoleum – Is “clean” good enough?

January 7th, 2008

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I’m often asked if it is “worth it” to replace worn linoleum in a kitchen or bath when putting a home up for sale. Depending on the situation I offer different advice. First of all it is NOT always necessary to upgrade linoleum to tile or hardwood flooring unless your home falls into a price range where these upgrades are expected as “standards” by the home buyer. If you have the ability to clean linoleum SPOTLESSLY and it appears as “new” with no cuts or loose or shrinking edges around the baseboard molding then normally it is more than acceptable to have it remain. Keep in mind however, that replacing linoleum is one of the cheapest upgrades that you can do in a house. If you have dated or otherwise “out of style” patterns or colors then absolutely replace it 100% of the time. Watch the video below to see a house I visited recently. The sellers had spent thousands of dollars on upgrades including a brand new kitchen but they missed a very critical and inexpensive fix that shattered their chance at a favorable first impression.

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post How REMOVING landscaping helped to sell my own house for $53K more!

January 4th, 2008

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It’s very easy to be arrogant when you are trying to sell your home however your own cockiness can really get in the way of your home selling plans. I recently sold my own home and I had these two very large tall bushes on either side of my front door (I’m no horticulture expert so I don’t know their official name but they were very nice and they looked exactly like the ones in the video below) and a gorgeous mature pear tree in the front yard. I LOVED that pear tree. It was a gorgeous red color, had beautiful blossoms and it always attracted little birds chirping. BUT because of where it sat it made it nearly impossible for buyers to see my house from the street. My wife INSISTED that we cut it down but I kept whining about the “poor little birdies” and besides, I was PROUD of my awesome tree, so I wanted it to stay. But I’m happy to say that it only took my wife reminding me of how frustrated I always got with sellers who refused to do EXACTLY the right things to sell their homes and then whined at me for months when they could have sold and been on their way had they just put in a little bit of effort on their part. Long story short-chainsaw wins, bushes and tree lose and I sell my house for $53K more than I expected to the 1st buyer who looked at it. Guess what? He “loved how the house looked on the lot”-go figure. Don’t be a hard head. You can’t take a bush with you and the birds won’t even remember you. Do the RIGHT things and smile all the way to the bank!

Click the video below to see an example of how eliminating some landscaping can actually make the house show better from the INSIDE also.

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