post REALLY Fired Up About STUPID Pricing!

February 25th, 2008

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O.K. sometimes I really wonder what exactly qualifies someone as an “expert”-especially in home marketing. Too loose of a term, undeserved and too commonly touted by people who couldn’t sell water in the desert. Every day I hear the woes and whining from people who are having a hard time selling their homes and then I look at their pricing and I wonder how they even dress themselves in the morning. Listen-I’m not trying to be harsh but there is something to be said for learning all that you can possibly know about something before diving in and trying it-that goes for selling homes. And SMART pricing is a very basic piece of knowledge that you better grasp REAL quick before you end up being the laughing stock of the neighborhood when your home doesn’t sell because you relied on so-called “expert” advice. O.K. enough with the rant. Just watch the video and you’ll get it. (If you don’t…please don’t call me. Frankly, we’re not a good fit.)

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post Ahhh…If you can do these simple things then your house can sell as FAST as this “Dollhouse” did.

January 8th, 2008

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Sometimes I spot a house that just makes me drool as a real estate agent. If all of my listings looked like this one I’d go ahead and book a 9 month cruise. ;-) This home immediately caught my eye from a distance as I was driving through a cute little neighborhood this weekend. I knew I spotted a winner. The grass was trimmed, the landscaping looked manicured, the paint was light and bright and fresh and the driveway was so white and clean that I wouldn’t have dared to park on it. These are the simple but critical things that you need to do to the exterior of your home to get buyers inside. Did you know that a recent report revealed 98.3% of home buyers do their shopping on line? Makes sense that the OUTSIDE of your home better look PERFECT or they’ll eliminate you quickly and “click” right on to a home that DOES look great. Oh yeah……when I got a little closer to this home I spotted the “Under Contract” sign in the yard. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Watch the video below to see how these smart sellers sold their house fast in a so-called “tough” market…ha!

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post It’s SMART to Paint Your Kitchen…But NOT PURPLE!

January 2nd, 2008

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Kitchens should always be light bright and cheery-NO EXCEPTIONS! The effect you should be going for when trying to sell your home is to show off a ton of cabinet and counter space and to create a feel of a nice sunny area for the family to start their day. Also if you haven’t peeked your head inside a new home in a while then you may not have noticed that kitchens are BIG. When you are competing with as many new construction homes as we are in today’s market you MUST be fierce competition for them if you are serious about selling. This means that YOUR kitchen better be top notch. Paint is a great place to start but keep in mind that dark colors make rooms appear much smaller while light colors have the opposite effect of making rooms appear much larger. Take a look at the video below to see how this seller has invested in loads of upgrades but really missed the mark with color.

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