post Linoleum – Is “clean” good enough?

January 7th, 2008

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I’m often asked if it is “worth it” to replace worn linoleum in a kitchen or bath when putting a home up for sale. Depending on the situation I offer different advice. First of all it is NOT always necessary to upgrade linoleum to tile or hardwood flooring unless your home falls into a price range where these upgrades are expected as “standards” by the home buyer. If you have the ability to clean linoleum SPOTLESSLY and it appears as “new” with no cuts or loose or shrinking edges around the baseboard molding then normally it is more than acceptable to have it remain. Keep in mind however, that replacing linoleum is one of the cheapest upgrades that you can do in a house. If you have dated or otherwise “out of style” patterns or colors then absolutely replace it 100% of the time. Watch the video below to see a house I visited recently. The sellers had spent thousands of dollars on upgrades including a brand new kitchen but they missed a very critical and inexpensive fix that shattered their chance at a favorable first impression.

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post How NOT to correct Drainage Issues (and simple and cheap things you SHOULD do)

January 5th, 2008

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Drainage problems are a very big thing to consider when you are selling your home. A little insider secret you should know right off the bat is that “Drainage” is one of the check mark items on the clipboard of most home inspectors. Whether you “think” you have a drainage issue or not here are two things you should do right now if you are thinking about selling that will save you a headache during your inspection.

1. Put splash blocks under ALL gutters.

2. If you have an area that gives ANY indication that the “grade” of your lot just might hold the tiniest bit of water up against your home then go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy some black flexible drain tubing and attach it to your gutters and roll it out to a point where the water will safely runoff away from your foundation. This stuff comes in a big roll and costs less than $50. Believe me it is a heck of a lot cheaper than the recommended “fix” that the inspector will suggest to the seller which very well may be to “re-grade” your lot. Don’t fool yourself. This really DOES happen. Ignoring this advice could blow a deal or cost you thousands of dollars to keep one together. I recently closed a deal for a builder where an overzealous inspector recommended tearing out an entire portion of a sidewalk when all that was necessary was a little drain tubing. We ended up having to hire a structural engineer to prove the inspector wrong. Buyers ALWAYS believe what their inspector tells them and are skeptical of your biased response. A little care up front is well worth your time and money.

Just when I think I’ve seen it all I come across something that literally gives me a good laugh. Check out this crazy home seller did to learn what you should NOT do to fix a drainage problem.

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